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How Does The Practice of Regenerative Medicine Work?

Our bodies are equipped by design with natural healing abilities. These naturally occurring elements form a type of building block that is able to replenish and restore tissues that have lost its functionality due to disease, injury or age. Regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself to overcome chronic or acute health conditions.

Which Regenerative Medicine Techniques Are Utilized by Vitality Healthcare?

As no two patients’ needs are the same, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what method of treatment or technique will be employed by Vitality for you. Each patient is accessed individually, and then we work with them to come up with a personalized treatment plan, pertaining to their specific situation.

How Can Vitality Ensure My Injection is Performed Correctly?

Through the utilization of ultra-sound and fluoroscopy technologies, we are able to guide the injection with accuracy and precision. We also complete thousands of injections into the back joint yearly as well as successfully administer more than 100 peripheral joint injections monthly through image guided methods, ensuring the accuracy of your injection.

Will This Procedure Be Covered by Your Insurance?

Unfortunately, in most all cases, the answer to this question is no, your procedure will not be covered by your health insurance. This is because the use of regenerative medicine is still deemed experimental by medical companies. Thankfully, at Vitality, we provide financing options to make regenerative treatments affordable. Our policy does require payment when your service is performed.

What Can You Expect After Your Treatments Are Completed?

Once you are finished, you can expect some discomfort for between three and eight days post treatment. The procedure itself is relatively painless, though some people do experience a minor amount of discomfort. The most common areas associated with residual pain are the feet, hands, knee and shoulder areas. Therefore, if your treatment is in one of these areas, some discomfort might be expected.

How Quickly Will You Notice Results?

You may begin to feel some improvement in pain in as little as a week. Expect continued improvement over two to seven weeks and months beyond.

Is Regenerative Medicine a Lasting Resolution to Pain?

Unfortunately, no method of treatment is a permanent solution to pain. Keep in mind, even joint replacement surgery will eventually have to be performed again, as it doesn’t last forever. A good way to look at it is using regenerative medicine as a method for turning back the hands of time. It is designed to reverse some of the degenerative changes and tissue damage within your body. It cannot and will not; however, stop the hands of time permanently.

In many cases, the choices you make will greatly impact your overall success with a procedure. If you make the lifestyle choices you should, such as getting enough sleep, exercising and eating properly, your joints will stay healthier in general. We will help you by offering suggestions on how to get the most out of your procedure by correlating them with lifestyle changes.

Is There Any Way to Ensure Satisfaction?

In short, no. There is no way to 100% guarantee your satisfaction. However, we enjoy an extremely high patient satisfaction rating that speaks for itself. Most of our business comes through word-of-mouth, straight from patients whose lives have been positively impacted by our treatments. In general, the number of patients who benefit from the procedure have more than outweighed those who were not satisfied. Again, your results are in large part up to you. If you commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle, you are more apt to be happy with your results. If your lifestyle does not promote wellness, you might not get the results you had hoped for when compared with others.

What Lifestyle Recommendations Are Key To Success

To optimize your results and ensure you have the best chance of success, you will want to follow a common-sense approach to overall wellness. Select a diet of whole-foods, avoiding grains and sugar. Make sure you have fulfilling relationships, avoid excessive alcohol consumption and don’t smoke. Get regular exercise and make sure you get enough sleep. Practice a lifestyle committed to improvement wellness.

Will an MRI or X-Ray Reveal Improvements?

In most cases, no, you will not be able to “see” the improvements you feel. However, we don’t base success off of an X-Ray or MRI result, we determine if a procedure did its job based on referrals from satisfied patients who have noted an improvement in daily tasks and who are once again finding joy in living an active lifestyle.

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Need more information?

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