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Doug Penington – Omaha


Doug Penington has been a practitioner in the Omaha metro since 2003, completing his undergrad at NE Methodist College and his masters degree at University of NE Medical Center. Doug sought out a career the medical field with a desire to help his patients and his community ​and to bring his relaxed, comforting personality into the world of healing.

Doug was drawn to regenerative medicine because he believes in the human body's natural healing capabilities. Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to primary care from his earlier years of practice in a variety of specialties as a nurse and then as a nurse practitioner. As an RN, he worked in a diabetes unit at Bergan Mercy, and then transferred to Bryan LGH East to work in the cardiac ICU. As a NP, he has specialized in treating clients with many different autoimmune diseases and arthritis, to his more recent experience in infectious diseases and wound healing.

With many years of specialty training and seeing a variety of health problems, he now focuses on restoring optimal health with the use of regenerative medicine. Doug's focus is on addressing root cause of health conditions, placing greater focus on issues that ultimately improve a person's health while allowing opportunity to reduce the need for prescription medications and surgeries. He is trained in the use of advanced diagnostic tools, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, to deliver regenerative therapies accurately and effectively.

Doug grew up in Nebraska and now resides in Elkhorn with his wife, Steph, of 22 years and his 2 boys. On days off, you can find Doug biking, jet-skiing, boating, and doing home improvement projects. You may also find him at an airport, staying current with his flying skills in general aviation. Together with Steph, they enjoy playing music, cooking and teaching others about healthy eating and nutrition.

Edin Abdagic – Reno


Edin Abdagic is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. He is currently practicing regenerative and functional medicine in the Vitality Healthcare Reno clinic.

Edin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Saint Xavier University, and received his Masters as an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner from South University. He is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential by recovering from soft tissue injuries, joint injuries and illnesses. Edin has a holistic approach to health and wellness with a strong emphasis on ongoing patient education. He strongly believes that achieving the best possible outcomes is through patient education.

Prior to joining Vitality Healthcare, Edin spent over 10 years in the emergency, anesthesia and trauma setting, as well as diagnosing and treating urological illnesses including a variety of cancers. Edin's varied experience has made him an extremely strong clinician with a progressive and innovative approach to medicine. He believes that a regenerative and functional medicine approach to utilize the body's natural ability to overcome chronic or acute health conditions is essential to maximum health outcomes.

Outside of work, Edin is a loving husband and passionate father of two little girls. He plays competitive soccer, recreational golf and tennis. He loves to travel and he is fluent in five languages.

Jennifer D'Andrea – Las Vegas


Jennifer D'Andrea is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from The University of the Virgin Islands and her Master's of Science in Nursing at Ball State University.

Jennifer's experience is predominantly in Regenerative and Functional Medicine, with prior work in emergency and urgent care settings. She began her career as a registered nurse in Las Vegas in the Emergency Room at Spring Valley Hospital and then Virginia Mason in the Emergency Room in Seattle. Before relocating to Las Vegas to continue her work in Regenerative Medicine Jennifer worked in an integrative health setting in Seattle, Washington, where she practiced in Regenerative and Functional Medicine. She has training in Advanced Injection Techniques, Sexual Rejuvenation (E.D., etc.) and in Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. She addresses nerve, muscle, disc and orthopedic conditions using cutting edge techniques that may promote healing of degenerative conditions and inflamed tissue.

Jennifer believes when patients take an active role, they are more willing to adhere to a plan of care, fostering better healthcare outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction. She actively listens and educates her patients and families to help them achieve their healthcare goals. She hopes to equip her patients with the necessary knowledge and tools to optimally continue their care outside of the office.

In Jennifer's spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, camping, gardening, reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband and their rescued lab from the Humane Society. Jennifer is originally from Chicago.

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